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Shower head set

Shower head set

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1. Effective pressurization and effective water saving
Luv pressurization technology, the water is aggressive, water-saving technology, less water for a bath
2, 300 holes of water
The delicate pores make the skin more comfortable when the water comes out
3. It is not easy to lose temperature,
300 water holes bring more water temperature, one kind of water is enough for every shower
4. High-quality ABS is drop-resistant and durable
High-quality ABS material, with high hardness, high heat insulation, anti-aging and other advantages


Product name: Booster shower
Product material: high quality ABS/stainless steel outlet panel
Product specifications: flower wine 21cm long and 7cm wide
Interface size: standard quarter interface
Product features: effective pressurization, effective water saving, durable

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