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RGB Mouse Pad Luminous Mouse Pad Led Mouse Pad

RGB Mouse Pad Luminous Mouse Pad Led Mouse Pad

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Product information:
Product name: RGB luminous mouse pad
Product Description: Switch the key to control the light-emitting mode, and switch a light-emitting mode each time you press it.
1: Green 2: Blue 3: Purple 4: Red 5: Indigo 6: Yellow 7: White 8: Magenta 9: Orange 10: Breathing Mode 11: Horse Racing
12: Running horses and flashing slowly. ( 3.purple 5.indigo 6.yellow 7.white 8.magenta 10.9colors change automaticly 11.Magic flash 12.Magic slow)
Double click on the switch: Switch between full and half light
Long press 3 seconds to turn off the machine
Weight of a single product (including 2m data cable and carton)
Product packaging: Coated paper to the lamination packaging carton. There are three sizes:
8.5*8.5*31.5cm (300*800 size)
7.5*7.5*36.5cm (4 sizes of 250*350, 300*350, 350*600, 350*900)
8.5*8.5*41.5cm (400*900 size)

Packing list:

Mouse Pad*1

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